Lucia Ianniello ensemble “MAINTENANT”

Lucia Ianniello ensemble “MAINTENANT”

Data eventoNovembre 20, 2015

Inizio evento21:00

LocaleLA SALETTA centro delle Arti

Location Viale Giacomo Matteotti,2 - 03100 Frosinone

Statuscel 3772464728 - tel +39 0775.1543310 - <a href='' target='_blank'></a>


Lucia Ianniello tromba, flicorno, effetti
Diana Torti voce
Vincenzo Vicaro clarinetto, sassofono tenore
Paolo Tombolesi pianoforte, tastiera
Riccardo Di Fiandra basso elettrico

Il repertorio del disco è composto da cinque brani originali e tre brani della Los Angeles afro-americana degli anni ’70 con un omaggio ad Horace Tapscott e alla PAPA (Pan Afrikan Peoples Arkestra). Tutti gli arrangiamenti sono curati da Lucia Ianniello

This album is a work of auditory images, atmospheres and soundscapes, some visionary, with particular exploration of melody and timbre. Extended passages of collective improvisation are conceived as contrapuntal layering of sounds.

The quartet offers a ‘sound chamber’ obtained, despite a significant presence of electronic instruments and effects, through the trumpeter’s arrangements, characterized by the absence of drums and the use of the instrumental voice without text.

However, the underlying philosophy of this work is expressed, beyond the stylistic and formal aspects, in an effort to focus on the urgency of expression and the human relationship between the musicians, away from any form of complacency.”

Geoge Haslam